Journalists in Nigeria believe there is a lot more that can be done to protect press freedom in the country. According to them, institutions such as government agencies and media professional bodies should commit and do more to ensure an environment where free press is achieved.


Courtesy Photo:Journalists protest to mark World Press Freedom day 2022 in Lagos

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) warns that lack of press freedoms in Nigeria is a threat to the country’s democracy. According to the CPJ, a minimum of 14 journalists were detained, attacked or harassed while covering the February 2023 Nigerian general elections.

Independent Press verbal, theoretical in Sisi’s Egypt

This photofit poster created by the Qatari-based Al Jazeera news channel, was aimed at calling for the immediate release of its correspondents detained in Egypt

Independent journalism based on truth, balance, fairness and justice under the Egyptian leadership of army general-turned politician Abdel Fattah El Sisi is not welcome.

However, media houses that restrict themselves on reporting about social issues, business, sports, the environment and other areas not commensurate with state activities are allowed to practice their independence, but heavily monitored by the state.

A one-man war for media freedom in Egypt

Mansour in New York on a campaign to free Alaa

When the events of January 2011 began unfolding in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, Abdelrahman Mansour was there. Eighteen days of public demonstrations in the centre of Cairo climaxed with the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak on 11 February 2011, bringing to an end a 30-year reign.


How the Media Freedom Landscape in Egypt has been Changing

For a journalist practicing in Egypt, the struggle for better working conditions continues.  The North African country continues to be one of the most dangerous countries for Journalists to operate, according to the 2022 prison census of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

Makerere University government-sponsored students protest delayed allowances

Government-sponsored students protest delayed allowances

Makerere University government-sponsored students on Friday June 10th, 2022 protested the delayed release of their semester allowances. The students are entitled to get allowances for food and living-out allowance for those not staying in the university halls.

The group led by their president, Omaria Oitebbe stormed the Senate building to demand for their financial benefits which they say had been overly delayed.

Makerere student injured by teargas canister goes missing from hospital

Richard Sebuganda alias Sebzo, a student of Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Makerere University who was injured by a teargas canister during the ‘open for all’ students protest has escaped from Mulago hospital where he has been getting treatment for his injured hand.

It is alleged that he fled the hospital in the wee hours of the night on Thursday, 10th March 2022, and his whereabouts remain unknown.

Porridge night: The favourite campus hunger saver

Campus is a pretty interesting place to be, not until one runs broke.  When poverty strikes, you have no plan for lunch nor supper and survival is only at the mercy of extra porridge nights.

Porridge nights are not only interesting but also hunger-saving. During the nights, porridge is cooked at a given hall - depending on who the organizers are. There is usually music for people to dance to but what usually gets some out of bed, especially on those pocket-empty nights, is the hunger that sends them porridge-hunting.

Mitchel and University Halls risk closure over violent culture

Makerere University’s Mitchel and University halls are at risk of being closed for their violent culture exhibited on Sunday 6th March, 2022.

On 6th March 2022, at around 3:00am, a violent clash between the residents of Mitchell Hall and University Hall broke out. The fight led to damage of property.

A fresher's tale of Makerere University's Mitchell Bazaar

The Mitchell Bazaar is a one-stop trade fair where new students can easily access cheap products such as mattresses, scholastic materials, among others.

By day, merchants are scattered allover under tents displaying all sorts of commodities ranging from toiletries to soft drinks and other beverages. A few health companies also set up their tents to offer free consultation services to the new and continuing students, especially in the field of sexual and reproductive health.