Mitchel and University Halls risk closure over violent culture

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Our Reporter

Makerere University’s Mitchel and University halls are at risk of being closed for their violent culture exhibited on Sunday 6th March, 2022.

On 6th March 2022, at around 3:00am, a violent clash between the residents of Mitchell Hall and University Hall broke out. The fight led to damage of property.

The Vice Chancellor has now written to the leaders of the two halls to show cause why they should not be closed following this incident. In Vice Chancellor’s letters to the Senior Room Executive Committees (SRC) of both halls, it is indicated that both residents orchestrated illegal roadblocks in the wee hours of the night and attacked each other. The acting VC, Prof. Henry Alinaitwe says residents from both halls damaged property at either hall.

The University management established an ad-hoc committee to investigate the matter, whose findings indicate that both halls engaged in violent clashes which dent the image of the University.

Both halls have been given a chance to explain why they should not be closed.

The tendency of halls of residence at Makerere University to be at loggerheads has been a precedent since time immemorial. On various occasions, these halls have always clashed for many reasons.

“The preference of struggles among halls is not called for, no wonder most fights are sparked off by minor issues,” Kiggundu Muhammad, the GRC of University halls says.

Kiggundu acknowledges that he tried to cool down the situation but in vain, although he alleges that Mitchell's character of continued confrontation should be dealt with.