I wouldn't like to be the source of discord but I heard that the book and the pen are more powerful than the sword. Well, that's kinda cool but tell me, would you pull out a pen when challenged at a duel? Really, how practical are our works? I know the system is not entirely useless, it does have its perks. But, we've only learnt how to wittily piece together several words and regurgitate concepts.

Why does Papa Were want to leave a legacy of draconian policies?

Photo by Campus Bee

For the past few months I have been looking at the events as they have been unfolding at the Ivory Tower emanating from the new tuition policy. I was sudden by the way the students’ leadership reacted to the numerous hasty suspensions and warning letters.

To the guild president, playing dumb may have seemed the only option then but he forgot that this affects us all.  Way back he started too good, fighting for a common cause: those that trusted him with power.