Labour migration along the Uganda-Jordan corridor: Stories from journalism students

These are stories produced by journalism students in Uganda and Jordan about migration between the corridor of the two countries. The stories were produced with support from the FAIRWAY project under International Labour Organization in Uganda.

Pride and Redemption

At the start was the formation of a being, fearfully and wonderfully created. Imbued with the creator's essence, designed in the creator's very own image. Blessed in significance. Of profound purpose. Elevated above all creation.

But then sin creeped in. Draped in vanity, certainly man fell. Down a well — calamity. But why!? Wait! "Draped in vanity..." pause! Might that just be the cause? Rather than have his essence glorify the Lord, he preferred that in essence, he would be glorified as lord. Conceit lay him bare before deceit. So, sin, like a broken record, went on repeat.

UK Hails fallen Anti-apartheid Hero Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The United Kingdom has joined the rest of the world to celebrate the life of South Africa's fallen anti-apartheid hero, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  In a statement,  the queen  condoled with the family of the late Desmond Tutu and the entire South African community. In her statement, her Majesty said the entire Royal Family is "deeply saddened" by his death.

"I remember with fondness my meetings with him and his great warmth and humour," she said.