Porridge night: The favourite campus hunger saver

Campus is a pretty interesting place to be, not until one runs broke.  When poverty strikes, you have no plan for lunch nor supper and survival is only at the mercy of extra porridge nights.

Porridge nights are not only interesting but also hunger-saving. During the nights, porridge is cooked at a given hall - depending on who the organizers are. There is usually music for people to dance to but what usually gets some out of bed, especially on those pocket-empty nights, is the hunger that sends them porridge-hunting.

Lumumba Minister Defends 'Rowdy' Culture

One of the student leaders in Lumumba Hall has said that the culture of vibrancy, assertiveness, courage and brotherhood that is sometimes perceived as vulgar and hooliganism is to stay.

Lumumba is one of the most popular residences inside Makerere University, but its students are often perceived as the most unruly and vulgar. They express themselves through their cultural songs, instigating strikes and their anthem which was plagiarized from the Buganda Kingdom.