Social Media a Force in Information Flow

The Digital Content Manager at Monitor Publications Limited, Carol Beyanga, has described the social media position in the information world as a fundamental force but noted that professional and ethical reporting retains its central place.

While addressing the Journalism and Communication students that huddled on November 8 at the Central Teaching Facility One (CTF 1) Makerere University, Beyanga conveyed her support to the new forces of social media in the dynamic system of information circulation in the world.

Media Challenge Participants Call for Collective Effort Against Climate Change

The recently concluded inter-university Media Challenge highlighted resolve for general cooperation to counter climate change.

The annual expo was launched on November 1, 2019 at Xanadu Collections under the theme 'Climate change and disaster risk reduction'. It hosted several representatives of government, the private sector, the media and media hopefuls. Questions were raised by the panel and during breakaway sessions over who is to blame for the frustrated efforts at combating climate change as well as management of disasters.

Kyambogo Students Beat Suspected Thief into Coma



Students of Kyambogo University on Saturday morning descended on a phone thief and clobbered him to coma.

George Kasujja, 26, a resident of Banda B zone, was caught trying to flee from campus with a phone he had stolen from a first year Education student, Aisha Nalukenge.

According to Nalukenge, Kasujja attacked her when she was almost entering the lecture room, grabbed her phone, and tried to run away.

In the process, Nalukenge said she made an alarm that attracted other students who chased him.