Police Foils Students General Assembly at Makerere

Police thronged the Freedom Square to disperse students who had gathered for a general assembly


Police on Wednesday morning dispersed students who had gathered in the Freedom Square for a general assembly.

The students had been called by the Guild President, Julius Katerega, who wanted to give then an update from the meeting he had with the university management on Tuesday regarding the tuition policy that has caused a week-long strike. He also wanted to discuss with the students on the way forward now that the university administrators had declined to rescind the policy.

Students' Exhibition Leaves Freedom Square Bruised


Freedom Square, which was once a perfectly green field is now riddled with large patches of mud, coursed through by tire tracks, following the Friday 11th economics exhibition.

The Square, till Monday afternoon, also remained littered with sheer amounts of disposables from the same event. This look, according to several students diminished its symbolic and historical significance while painting a bad image of the University management.

Students Express Doubts Over Freedom Square Works

A group of students at Makerere University have expressed misgivings about the ongoing beautification and fencing off of the Freedom Square.

The students say that, far from making the Square look beautiful, the management could institute restrictions on students wishing to access Freedom Square, a legendary gathering point for both formal and informal activities at Uganda’s largest and oldest university.