Police Foils Students General Assembly at Makerere

Police thronged the Freedom Square to disperse students who had gathered for a general assembly


Police on Wednesday morning dispersed students who had gathered in the Freedom Square for a general assembly.

The students had been called by the Guild President, Julius Katerega, who wanted to give then an update from the meeting he had with the university management on Tuesday regarding the tuition policy that has caused a week-long strike. He also wanted to discuss with the students on the way forward now that the university administrators had declined to rescind the policy.

15 Mak Students Arrested


Fifteen students of Makerere have been arrested today for protesting the 15 percent cumulative tuition increment which the university council approved last year.

Led by the vice president Judith Nalukwago, the students were trying to march to the President's Office to deliver a petition imploring government to scrap off the policy.

“This university is for poor students. Those who increased the tuition have their children studying outside this country. Mr President please halt this policy and relieve us,” Nalukwago said.