Masisa Sees with his Ears


A visually impaired student continues to defy the odds by excelling in academics and attaining other hands-on skills, such as playing music instruments.

Twenty-two-year-old Fred Masisa is in his second year of study, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education majoring in English and Literature. Born in Sironko district, Masisa was admitted to Makerere University on government sponsorship scheme.

How Mak Suspended Registration Surcharges


Makerere University management has extended the deadline for students’ registration to Friday, November 8.

The university has also suspended charged slapped on students for late registration until technical breakdowns in the system are rectified.

In the academic year 2018/19, public Universities, Makerere in particular, adopted the Academic Information Management System (AIMS).  AIMS is an Integrated Educational management system that automates all the business processes by managing admission, billing and payments, programs and curriculum among others.

Mak Guild Pushes for Supplementary Exams


The issue of supplementary examinations is back on the table for discussion at Makerere where the student leadership sees it as the best way for the university administration to help finalists who still have papers to retake.

 A student who has failed a paper would ideally have to wait for one academic year until when the failed paper is taught again. Because of this, hundreds of students fail to graduate on time.

And now the guild leadership has moved has pledged to prioritize supplementary examinations to help finalists with retakes to graduate in time.