Makerere University students to continue with blended learning, despite recent protest

Written by: 
Nickson Maberi

Makerere University will continue with blended learning, despite recent protests from students calling for full physical opening of the university. The aftermath of the February 7th ‘open for all protests’ at Makerere University ushered in roundtable negotiations between the university administration and the students’ guild leadership. The two reached a consensus with the former pledging to release new academic arrangements by 5th March, 2022.

According to the revised academic calendar from the Academic Registrar, Makerere University students are to continue with the blended system of learning despite protests against it, especially for graduate students. However, worth noting, is that Makerere students have been permitted to stay at their respective halls of residence throughout the entire study period -regardless of who is meant to be attending physical classes.

The study period has been increased by a week while the examination period reduced by a week from four to three weeks. Learning, both online and physical (blended), is to continue until 23rd April when examinations shall commence.

From March 12th 2022, all Makerere students are expected to stay at their halls of residence notwithstanding the year of study as per the letter from the academic registrar addressed to all Principals and Deans.

“Please note that from 12th March 2022 all students, first years, continuing and graduate will be physically present at the university under blended learning (physical and online),” part of the letter reads.

Makerere University students led by the 87th guild president, Shamim Nambasa, staged a short-lived protest on 7th February 2022 expressing their discontent with the university administration over its decision to conduct blended learning.