Students Burn Dormitory Over Confiscated Phones

Police in Mbarara are investigating circumstances under which a group of students at Kashaka High School in Bubaare sub-county on Wednesday burnt the boys' dormitory after the school administrators confiscated their phones.

Taban Chiriga, the officer in charge of criminal investigations department said that the suspected students will be arraigned in court, and once found guilty, they will have to pay for the damages caused.

Cybersecurity Firm Warns Against Using Wireless Keyboards, Mice

Information typed on a wireless keyboard can easily be intercepted or snooped on, a cybersecurity research firm has warned.

San Francisco-based Bastille said these keyboards transmit what is being typed without any encryption, making the "text very clear" and possible for hackers to access from a distance of up to 76m (250ft) away.

The firm added that earlier in 2016, wireless mice were also insecure to use as their research showed attackers can spoof poorly protected signals, letting them use PCs as if they were sitting in front of them.

Makerere University to meet UCC over Campus FM

The Makerere University Journalism and Communication department is set to meet Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) this month to decide on Campus FM’s fate.

The meeting due October 29th will be to negotiate amongst other issues offering a limited frequency to the radio station, following the transfer of 107.0MHz to Salt FM in Kampala.