Silent Disco Takes Over Entertainment in Kampala


Silent disco, a form of entertainment where there is no sound in disco halls is becoming popular in Kampala, according to revelers and entertainers.


Emmanuel Gitara aka DJ Spiny who works at Atmosphere Lounge in Kololo says that in a silent disco event, people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones rather than using speakers. He further cited that the system works in a way that music is broadcast via a radio transmitter, where the wireless headphone picks the signals.


Disabled Woman Gives Hope to 50 Needy Children


A 35-year old Noelina Nakagwa, a resident of Lukulula in Masaka district is taking care of more than 60 children, despite being disabled. Born with missing lower limbs, Nakagwa has been able to take care of the disabled and other needy children with the little income she earns from small scale farming, where she grows maize and other food stuffs.


Her being disabled did not limit her from helping disabled and abandoned children, as well as those living with HIV/AIDS.