Silent Disco Takes Over Entertainment in Kampala

Written by: 
Ndagire Sarah


Silent disco, a form of entertainment where there is no sound in disco halls is becoming popular in Kampala, according to revelers and entertainers.


Emmanuel Gitara aka DJ Spiny who works at Atmosphere Lounge in Kololo says that in a silent disco event, people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones rather than using speakers. He further cited that the system works in a way that music is broadcast via a radio transmitter, where the wireless headphone picks the signals.


“The music reaches the individual through signals; they have an option of even changing channels to the favorite music or DJ,” he told journalism@mak. Gitara was among the pioneers of silent disco. The venture that he says started in 2014 has seen him grow, hence being named ‘king of silent disco’.


“Most party goers love silent disco, it’s a unique way of parting,” says Janet Alinda, who is a fan of silent disco. Alinda says she loves the comfort and the fun that comes along with silent disco, including the variety of music availed on different channels just on one set of headphones.


“Silent disco is mob fun. I can’t get bored by the music from different DJs; all my friends love silent disco,” Alinda explained.


Tracy Atukunda, an employee with an events company in Kampala said that their company has received massive financial muscle out of the silent disco events they organize. “Out of the many events, we are always amazed that people turn up in big numbers for our silent discos. We look forward to going upcountry,” Atukunda explains.


The charges for attending a silent disco party ranges from Shs 15,000 to Shs 30,000 depending on the organizers and the venues.


Among a number of corporate companies that have joined the venture is Nile Breweries that has organized various silent disco events dubbed “the bell jams”, MTN Uganda that organized the Bunuzi silent disco at Sheraton Hotel, among others.


This has seen a number of bars and night clubs follow suit. Among them are Fame and Sky Lounges in Kololo, and Game Club located in Wandegeya.


Timothy Ochen, an employee with Bayimba Arts believes silent discos will eliminate loud speaker systems, since it comes along as an environmental solution.