Live at the Thursday lovers’ park

The clouds are forming rather hastily just like woes in the blue corner political party. Nsubuga, Amooti and Ngobi are waiting for the beauties that made them change their hearts on joining the seminary. It’s largely clear that the girls would rather watch choti bahu than brave the nimbus clouds that threaten to splatter the ground with buckets of water. Nsubuga has been dialing Nantume’s mobile for a week in vain. She can’t even talk to him on any social media. His friends understand his distress. The debate about the same drifts them into a number of issues.

JCO Fellowship starts

The long-awaited Journalism and Communication Fellowship has finally begun. The Christian congregation, which began on Tuesday 5th November, brings together students from the Journalism and Communication Fraternity.

Franko Olong, the Fellowship convener, expressed optimism at the turn up. “The turn up is progressively increasing,” he said

Seera Vivian, a fellowship member exclaimed with joy; “It was good, fun and the preaching was so good!”

Annoying Facts About Campus Girls

Like every other society, there will always be a particular group of people who are just outright annoying. Makerere University is not an exception and here are some of the irritants.

Most girls at campus love free things! From free food, free clothes, free shoes, and free booze at parties to even free marks. It was so embarrassing to see how Sophie felt so worthless by the end of her party. There is nothing for free in this world, girls! It has and will always be a something for something business.