When Filth Becomes Wealth; Making Money from Used Bottles


It is now three years since Juliet Mamwano started her empty plastic bottle business in Katwe and she has never regretted it.


The thirty four-year old is known in Katwe for her booming business located in the eye of the city, opposite Queen's way. Mamwano buys bottles in small numbers and sells them in relatively big numbers.


Makerere Students Compete in Sawa World Contest

Makerere Bachelor of Commerce students to compete in the Sawa World entrepreneurial video competition.


Makerere students dealing in tyre recycling, making products such as tables, chairs and stools out of used car tyres, emerged among the best entrepreneurs to compete in the Sawa World video competition. These are Isaiah Sserwadda, Dickson Nasasira and Anabell Musiimire, all in second year.