Vendors Earn Big from Grasshopper Business

Written by: 
Daphine Nanyunja


Vendors and dealers are making big profits from the grasshopper (commonly known as nsenene) business, with some putting aside their other businesses for this seasonal trade.

Many traders in Nateete market, for example, have posed their businesses resorting to selling grasshoppers.

Namutebi Annet who deals in selling bedsheets in Nateete market, says grasshoppers provides a lot of money which makes her first keep the bedsheets at home and join the grasshopper business during the season.

"Grasshoppers double the income I get from bedsheets a day. Therefore, I first pause bedsheet selling and deal in grasshoppers, then I resume my business when the season ends,” explains Namutebi.

Ssegawa Ken, a tailor in Nateete market and commonly known as Designer also joins the grasshopper business whenever the season comes.

" l close my shop during day and deal in grasshoppers, then do the tailoring in the night," says Ssegawa.

A cup full of cooked grasshoppers ranges between Shs 5,000 and Shs 7,000 depending on the size of the cup.

"I get customers with different choices but most of them prefer the moulted ones, for which I sell a cup at Shs 7,000 while those who can do the moulting themselves can get it at Shs 2,000,” says Kavuma Henry, who deals in grasshoppers.

According to the vendors, a sack of grasshoppers ranges from Shs 50,000 to Shs 70,000 depending on the quality.

Nabatanzi Joan, a grasshopper vendor explained to journalism@mak that grasshoppers are prepared in different ways depending on the customer's choice.

The nsenene seasons always come between November to December.