South Sudan

No Mentors for Young South Sudan Journalists

Mawel Chol Mawel an aspiring journalist from South Sudan

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There is a future of uncertainty for young budding journalists who would like to tell the South Sudanese story through media. This fear comes at a time when the world’s youngest nation is at the forefront abusing media freedoms for any journalist that dares criticize the government in power.

Media ownership structure a threat to freedom of the press in South Sudan

A South Sudan media expert has warned that the media ownership structure in South Sudan poses a major threat to press freedom in the country. William Dhieu, a Journalism Lecturer at the University of Juba, said that media ownership in South Sudan is dominated by former or active ruling party, Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) members, who only toe party line views."The party or government member’s ownership of media makes them partisan and exclude other voices or opinions they do not agree with or support," D