Alarming sewerage at the Lincoln flats

The flats sit at the heart of the university, well known and famous, but this could not prevent this place from the irritating sewerage that has now existed for more than three weeks-yet no action has been taken. One can hardly stand around the place for more than five minutes and it no longer seems an issue to call upon the government for. Sandra Kahumuza a second year student said she would rather be in Bwaise, a city suburb than be at Lincoln flats, “it makes me sick” she added.

Tax incentives, skills fundamental for youth entrepreneurship

Youth unemployment in Uganda is skyrocketing but the situation is not yet worse since more people enter labour market every year.  According to provisional census results released by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) on 18th November, Uganda population has reached 34.9 million people.

Rekindle sex education among young girls

It is unfortunate that more than 300 children have missed their Primary Living Examinations, due to early marriages and pregnancies.

Data from a survey conducted by United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF), indicates that 100 children from Kasese, 127 from Bugiri, and 67 from Katakwi districts have missed sitting for their 2014 primary leaving examinations (PLE) that kicked off on Monday. Majority of the pupils are girls who had earlier registered to sit for the examinations but failed to turn up for the exams.