Alarming sewerage at the Lincoln flats

Written by: 
Asiimire Joanitah

The flats sit at the heart of the university, well known and famous, but this could not prevent this place from the irritating sewerage that has now existed for more than three weeks-yet no action has been taken. One can hardly stand around the place for more than five minutes and it no longer seems an issue to call upon the government for. Sandra Kahumuza a second year student said she would rather be in Bwaise, a city suburb than be at Lincoln flats, “it makes me sick” she added.

Both post graduate and undergraduate students use it mostly for practical lectures since both the multi-media lab and the campus radio are located right there, even then,  no one can afford to endure the sewerage and so they  have practically run away from the place. “No one can afford to endure the stench their” a one fourth year student commented.

Action to call upon the people in charge has been taken but in vain, and luckily the Journalism and Communication head of department, Dr. William Tayebwa happened to check at the place for his duties and he visibly could not handle the stench as he gulfed one of his hands to his nose and was heard to say “do not worry, they are coming to clean away the sewerage”. What if the people in charge never arrive? Will practical lectures be abandoned because we can’t get rid of the sewerage? NO.

While I hope the estates department  effectively listens to our plea, I call upon the entire journalism and communication fraternity to think of how we rescue ourselves.