Coach Desabre: It is important To Get Three Points Off Taifa Stars At Nambole

As a fans, stakeholders and well-wishers of football in Uganda, majority of us are looking forward to the match between Uganda Cranes and Taifa Stars of Tanzania on 8th September 2018 at Mandela National Stadium, Nambole.

Uganda Cranes has officially kicked off training ahead of Total 2019 AFCON qualifier match against Tanzania. 

Untold facts about the six-pack

When the majority of people hear the word fit, the first thing that comes to their minds is a perfectly toned body like the Ciara type, and Dwayne Johnson's six-packed

But a question pops up in my mind: what about Jackie Chan's? I’ve never seen his six pack to be honest. But no one in the world would convince me that Jackie isn’t fit, like seriously, that guy can do a 360 splint hahaha if it even exists.

Makerere cultural gala: Acholi students indefinitely suspend their participation

Acholi Makerere Students Association (Amsa) have expressed their dissatisfaction with the way the institution organises the cultural gala before indefinitely suspending their participation.

According to a communiqué that this website has seen, Amsa members say that the whole ministry responsible for organising the cultural gala is marred by tribalism, a reason they will never participate again.