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AL Shabaab Terrorists and Government, The Leading Threat to Media Freedom in Somalia

Abdalle Ahmed Mumin, a journalist and the current secretary-general of the Somali Journalists Syndicate

Journalism is arguably one of the most dangerous professions in Somalia, with Al-Shabaab Militants and Government agencies targeting reporters. Media Freedom is a narrative that many Somali journalists hear of, but never truly live to experience.

Somali journalists lament over impunity for crimes committed against them

Somali journalists gather to cover a press conference. Photo: Somali Journalists Syndicate

Any Somali teenager would confess that they were born to the sound of gunfire, probably made their first step into a terrorist’s foot print, have treaded on the same ground with war tanks, and that they have lived all their lives in a war-torn nation. Somalia has been at war for over 20 years. The conflict has since the 1980s transitioned from civil war, to state collapse, clan factionalism, and now a globalised ideological conflict.


Photo: (from web) Journalists at a press conference in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Working under a violence free environment has always been a dream to every Somali journalist yet it has been far from reach for a long time. Journalists seem to have lost hope due to increased cases of arrests, cold blood murders, gender-based violence and more, which seems to be a double-edged sword from both the government and the Al-Shabab military group.