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Peace reporting denies Rwandan citizens accountability from government officials

During the 1994 Rwandan genocide, some of the media betrayed its people. Radio-Television Libre des Mille Collines and the Kangura magazine both sponsored or run by hard-line Hutu party officials were at the forefront of hate media. Later, Rwanda’s media took to peace reporting in order to help the people unite and heal from the 1994 genocide effects. However, this seems to have had negative consequences for press freedom and freedom of expression as well as holding public officials accountable.


German: Journalists fault Police and government officials over brutality

A section of journalists across Germany have faulted police for  brutality while practicing their profession.

A report by the European Federation of Journalists in Germany indicates that some times, journalists are attacked by government officials and tortured by police.

Europe’s biggest economy has reported 252 cases of journalist brutality by police and government officials since 2020, among which 22 are physical injuries, 33 are damages to property, four are arson attacks and 29 are threats.