Back Bags: The New Fashion Trend for Campus Girls

Written by: 
Acen Winnie

Back bags have become a new fashion trend in campus as every young lady has taken it up. They come in handy as they are easy to carry around anywhere and more so because they look so fashionable.

The back bags come in different sizes, colours and designs. These bags are sold in almost every boutique and shop in town.

Aketch Claire, a first-year student pursuing Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration says, “These bags are just so fashionable; they make you look cool and smart at the same time,” says Aketch.

“They are easy to carry around and you don’t have to swap from shoulder to shoulder like when carrying the one strap handbags. They can be carried anywhere like when going to the beach, for lectures or even for work,” she adds.

Namuwaya Joan, a second-year student attests to the comfort of the back bags. “I like the fact that these bags are so comfortable and even when you are carrying heavy staff in them, you cannot feel the weight unlike the one strap handbags.

“This kind of bags are trending nowadays, almost every young lady I come across has got one. I have like three of them in different designs and colours and I just can’t get enough of them,” says Chepkurui Lois, a second-year student from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

These bags are used to carry all ladies’ necessities like make-up, perfume, notebook, documents and other small things. They are more convenient than any other type of bags as they are best for lightweight use, stylish and have a wide storage no matter how small they are.

They can be used anywhere like going for an outing, for work, lectures and any other social gathering.

According to Daudi Mojo, a businessman selling such bags around Old Taxi Park in Kampala, the bags have been a big deal for him. “I invested a lot in them and have also gained a lot from it, previously I was only selling women shoes and I was getting some good money, but when I saw these back bags trending all over town I decided to invest in them”.

Mojo says he invested UGX 300,000 to stock these bags and sells each between UGX25,000 and UGX30,000.  “I sell like seven bags in a day and that is good business for me,” Mojo said.