Inside Makerere's Best Hostels, Their Prices And Facilities

Written by: 
Shifrah Kayaga

When ever freshers join campus, or those who have been commuting, decide to look for hostels around Makerere university, they will always ask "which one is better, with good facilities?". The worry should be no more as SHIFRAH KAYAGA takes you through the best seven (7) that students have over the years graded as comfort zones.


This hostel was constructed in 2013, 3 years back. Its visibly a a mansion and accommodates around 500 students with enough big rooms.

According to Rebecca Naluyima, one of the students in this hostel, the hostel is much more that providing a room where one can out their head for a rest, as some of the hostels. It gives her a the good conditions that enable her to excel in her studies.

“Olympia is the best place to stay, it has all the facilities that enable us pass. We are fully satisfied with all that we want. For example, a swimming pool, gym, free kitchens on every flow, free WiFi or internet and so much more,” Naluyima excitedly tells.

Lumben Ahabwe a custodian in this hostel is equally a happy man. He says,” we have great self-contained rooms both singles and doubles and all these are affordable. It is Shs 1.5 million for singles and Shs 950,000 for doubles.

He adds: "Our hostel is so safe having 6 guards who work around the two gates that exist. We have a stand-by generator that enables our students read minus any inconveniences, reading rooms, a water pump in cases of shortage of water, free transportation, and more such facilities that can anable a student enjoy his or her stay here.”

Olympia hostel is a four-storey building with more than 3 attached buildings. It enables one acquire what ever they
need from with in. For example, the restaurants, canteens, saloons and HOSTELSservices, are all within the hostel.

"We still have enough land where we are planning to build more than 1,000 single rooms for accommodation," Ahabwe says, adding that all students are welcomed in the hostel.


The magnificient New Nana Hostel located near Law Development Centre (LDC) along Sir Apollo Kagwa road opposite Multitec Academy.

For those who have slept or stil reside there, New Nana is the hostel to be. It is a mixed hostel with bothe Makerere main campus students and those from her affiliate, Makerere University Busniness school (Mubs).

The beautiful structure has 6 floors. It caters for both Ugandan and International students with spacious self -contained rooms which are comfortable, and those who like reading from quiet places, New Nanah provides the option.

For purposes of fairness, the hostel has got all types of rooms for example, singles, doubles, tripples and quadruples, to cater students from all backgrounds. Rent obviouly can't be the same! Itrange from Shs 1.7 million for the singles, Shs 850,000 for the doubles, and such prices as indicated by it's management.

According to a one Bright who resides in this hostel, Nana is non-discrimative.

"The New Nana is a comfortable place to stay because, it favors all kinds of students [from rich and middle income families], and the services given to us are of high quality. Dstv in all rooms, telephone intercom, fully equipped cooking space, free transportation with more than one shuttle and good security.

Bright also adds that once one misses out such a place, they will never find it any where else because its a home before home.

Their vision is to provide excellent accommodation and unique shopping services and there mission is to offer
accommodation to all types of students.

The comes in the third place. This is located in wandegeya down town. Within that area, It’s looked at as a palace. The hostel has lived for 8 years, and it's a hostel that accommodates around 250 students according to the custodian.

Edward Byarugaba, the custodian of Ark hostel says: "our hostel is the only one with quality facilities. It is in a comfortable and silent place favoring students to read. It has free internet, conducive reading rooms, TV rooms and so much more. This hostel has got large self contained and none self contained rooms that favor all students. The self contained include singles and doubles. For the singles, one has got to part with Shs 1.6million, and
for the doubles its Shs 900,000."

It has also got triples though these are not self contained but have all other facilities like balkcons,
wardrobe and so much more and these are Shs 600,000.

Students there say that the Ark is the best place to stay because of its tight security having 5guards who keep on
checking around to ensure safety with the assistance of the KK guards for emergencies. It has got a TV room and a Dstv for all, two transport systems that can truly accommodate the number that stays with in this hostel.

Byarugaba also adds that the best thing that keeps there students still coming back and new ones brought in is because they consider quality first.


This comes forth in the ranking. Contrary to the Ark hostel where quality is priority number one, at JB discipline takes the position. This acronym JB stands for the owner's name who still preferred to remain anonymous to our reporter.

This hostel has lived since 1996, and is among the old but most loved hostels around

JB is divided into two sections and welcomes all students. First, there is JB mixed which accommodates
both boys and girls and secondly JB single which is for only girls.

According to Tonny Nkwanga the a custodian in this hostel, the as reason to why students were divided is due to the parents' choice where some wanted
their students to be in singles, students choice where some had just been exposed to hostel life a
thing that wouldn’t have made them feel comfortable in mixed rooms.

He adds that the other reason is that some students over complained about "hard-to-deal with" roommates and so they requested to stay alone. He adds that some of the reasons students gave were; roomates that could make noise with hoofers and music systems, none-stop invitation of friends, and such disturbing acts.

Tonny says: "In this hostel, we consider displine first. We listen to students' problems and take them into
consideration. For example, allowing them play to in installments, bad behaviors like smoking,
homosexuality, theft, big-headed people and mostly married couples are not tolerated and this is
because the biggest percentage here are born-again students."

JB hostel is safely guarded with four security guards, enough water with a water pump for emergency, free transportation and so much more. It has also got good big affordable rooms both doubles and

For doubles, the non self contained rooms range from Shs 500,000, 400,000, 480,000, and 430,000 depending on the location and size. For the double self-contained, they are tagged with prices Shs 650,000 and 580,000. For the single non self contained include Shs 800,000 and 700,000.

For the self contained, one has to part with Shs 1.3 and 1.1 million. JB hostel has got 5 floors on each hostel and their motto is:"Putting students first in what we do" and
handling them like children of their own.


Unlike Ark and JB, Dream World has no such prerequites. students there are free-stylers. It was constructed in 2007. It’s located along Sir Apollo Kagwa road in Kikoni and accommodates a maximum of 200 students.

According to Lillian Kawoya the custodian and acting manager in this hostel, Dream world is indeed another world.

"In this hostel, cleanness is considered first. We have free WiFi, a Dstv for all, a stand by generator, transportation services, pumped water, a clinic with in and so much more," Kawoya says, adding Dream has 3 security guards who work 24hours.

Like the others, it has got big and affordable rooms both singles and doubles, both self contained and non self contained. For self contained singles, they are Shs 1.220million, and the doubles are shs 770,000.


This is located in Kikumi Kimuni (name given for it's cheap facilities and commodities) it's near Bugema University and it is a nice eight-storey building housing more than 200 students. It is a mixed hostel, though initially it
was for girls only.

It is a beautiful clean place with a conducive environment that can enable any serious student to read and excel. it has both singles and double self contained rooms with balcons and wardrobes and there prices start from Shs 600,000.

Free services like transport, Dstv, and a with-in restaurant are offered to enable students enjoy their stay there. Those who stay there say that once left out, one would have missed staying in paradise.


This is also now known as Kare hostel, one
one of the oldest but still booming hostels around Makerere. Students say it has the tightest security
It is located in Kikoni along Sir Apollo kagwa road. It is
for girls and boy and believed to be owned by one of the
billionaires around town called "Kare” hence named after him.

Kare is a building having four floors with both single and double self-contained rooms ranging from Shs 800,000 and Shs 600,000 respectively. These rooms are relatively big enough having wardrobes, full time electricity, free internet, TV subscriptions.

According to Hassan one of the residents, Kare is the safest hostel around Kikoni. "Before entering, one is subjected to be confirmation as to whether they are residents or visitors by use of a thumb print machine. Services given to us are of high quality for example free transport, restaurants and others.” He says, adding they deserve position number one.