Cooking Competition Paralyzes Business at Wandegeya Market

Written by: 
Lukwago Abraham Jesse



Business at Wandegeya market was disrupted during the cooking competition that were organised at the markets' food section.

Several food selling points at the market were seen with barely any customers. This was because all the entrances to these points were blocked by hundreds of spectators that attended the event.

Nambooze Mariam, one of the food vendors complained about the development. “Today, I have barely sold anything. Many of my customers that eat my food cannot access the premises because of the crowds at the entrances," Nambooze told journalism@mak.

Akullo Mary, another food vendor at the market said that she was unhappy because she hadn't registered any customers that day.

"Today, I have made unbelievable losses because of these competitions. People have blocked the entrance and whoever comes is instead diverted to spectate the competitions.

On the contrary, much as many food vendors complained about losses of the fateful day, a few others were happy with the competitions since they got a few goodies at the event. Mukasa Joel, who works at the market said, “I have been gifted a free T-shirt. I am really happy. "

The cooking competition was organised by Kapa Oil Refineries Ltd in conjunction with Vision Group.  Zainab Namuwaya was crowned the winner and she walked away with a brand new 32-inch flat screen, after defeating ten other participants.