UNEB should enforce online registration sooner

Written by: 
Clare Muhindo

Many students are hopeless after they missed their final examinations because their Head Teachers did not register them with the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB). At least 48 Senior Four candidates in Mbarara, West Nile, and Luweero districts missed their Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) exams, as their head teachers failed to register them.

It is quite unlikely that fraudulent Head Teachers will continue to swindle students’ exam registration fees and the unfortunate victims will continually miss out on writing their final exams.

It seems to have become a habit for head teachers to defraud students, despite that many culprits have been arrested. UNEB must take control of the registration system as soon as possible, so that students can check their registration status in time.

UNEB should enforce the online registration soonest, make it guaranteed, so that students can avoid trauma that arises from missing exams.

With online registration, students and parents will be in total control and they will also be able to check if their registration has been approved or not. Because for some students, missing final examinations might be the end of their education. It is very frustrating for parents and students to see their hopes dashed by unethical and selfish head teachers.

Unless the problem is handled with a new strategy, it will continue happening. UNEB should trash the old registration and go digital soonest, before the situation gets out hand.

Additionally, UNEB should consider special exams for the students who missed their exams due to their head Teachers’ failure to register them. Those students are innocent and should not suffer at the expense of their selfish head teachers.