Use Lemon Juice to Whiten Teeth, Doctor Advises

Written by: 
Kiyimba Reagan

Ugandans have been urged to use natural methods of whitening teeth that are less risky. Dr. Jonathan Ssembajjwe, a dentist at Mawano clinic gives an example of lemon juice and baking soda that whiten teeth naturally without any negative effect.

Dr Ssembajjwe made the revelation at a dental medical camp which was held at Mulago market to sensitize residents on how to keep their teeth safe and healthy.

“A lemon is naturally acidic and it is good to clean tooth stains. You need one tablespoon of baking soda and a half lemon to get a brighter smile back without any negative effect”, says Dr. Ssembajjwe, adding that “use of newer whitening methods contain the use of chemicals which can lead to painful sensitivity and tooth damage”.

He says many whitening products on the market contain chemicals which can be harmful to one's health and they can damage the teeth when used.

According to Shakira Nalutaya, a second year student of Bachelor of Arts with Education says results are seen after one month if one uses lemon juice with baking soda once a week, accompanied with frequent eating of apples and oranges as well as avoiding foods and drinks that can cause yellowish teeth.

Suzan Nansubuga, a resident who attended the medical camp, feared that whitening of teeth may weaken them. The camp was organized as an intervention to the increasing dental problems affecting many Ugandans, by Mawano Dental Clinic.

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