Police To Use Tear Gas With Smell of Human Faeces

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The police will soon spray demonstrators with a new type of tear gas that has an odour like that of human faeces, a top officer has revealed.

While being hosted on Bilal FM on July 24, police spokesperson Fred Enanga said the intention of using the stinking spray is to make the victims get shunned by public as the smell will linger on  them for more than 30 minutes.

Enanga's warning comes after police unleashed brutality on FDC's Kizza Besigye supporters using batons, kicks and cable-wires-like canes. The act drew public decry and consequently the implicated officers were charged with unnecessary use of power.

Previously, police chief Kale Kayihura had said that police would no longer use tear gas, itchy pepper
spray and live and rubber bullets, but would resort to batons and water cannons as the tools of
choice for dispersing protestors.

“We began with a few types of motor vehicle tear gas, which people complained of; we
brought coloured tear gas to identify those involved in demonstrations, and when defiance
persisted, we brought pepper spray which stings a person for 30 minutes. And now we have
brought the poop spray. Someone will keep with that smell for some time,” Enanga said.

Enanga also wondered why it's always Besigye supporters that engage police in running battles yet, to him he isn't even the most popular Ugandan

"We have the Kabaka... He has a lot of support from his people but he drives his convoy to a planned venue where he meets an audience
bigger than that of Besigye. Have you seen policemen beating people following the Kabaka?” Enanga asked,

He was also bitter with community-based organisations (CBOs) which he said write biased reports that carry leading questions such as “Do you like the police beatings?” or “is police brutality good?’

He said these CBOs are simply trying to show donors that donl are on ground working and in the process, they end up tarnishing police’s image.

For Journalists, Enanga was even more brutal when he said they only do “irresponsible and biased” reporting on police. He added that most journalists who report report Beisgye demonstrations kill an eye for the lawless acts of Besigye and his supporters, but pick more interest in the reaction of police, which, to him, is bad journalism.

Enanga later explained scenarios where police would apply the an arrest, beating or shooting.
He said police first warns demonstrators using a megaphone. If people defy the warning, a policeman can use a baton to disperse demonstrators

He added that progressive force is the a second level where they are allowed to spray tear gas to
disperse people.

The third level of shooting which is applied when an armed person tries to engage a policeman.

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