Works Commence on Nafubambi Road

Written by: 
Mbithi Munyiva M Miriam


Works have commenced on Nafubambi road, Makerere Kikoni after a long plea from residents to government authorities.

Nafubambi road, which is home to many Makerere University students who reside in hostels, has been in marram state for many years now, yet experiences a large volume of traffic. According to a road survey carried out by the Uganda Road Fund in June this year, Nafubambi road handles about 150-180  cars during the peak hours of the day. With this, dust during the dry season and mud during rains, make life difficult for those who use the road or live near it.

“Every time during elections, candidates always promise us they will make sure something is done about this road. We have waited for so long and we are happy we see hope of having a less dusty environment,” a shopkeeper commonly referred to as Aunt Nakku said.

In August, the road was graded, which raised the hopes of desperate residents. However, after the grading, the tractors were nowhere to be seen any more. “The dusty conditions worsened when the road was graded,” Cynthia Nagasha, a Makerere University student told Journalism@Mak. This led to the interruption of business in the area, the most affected being the roadside food vendors.

Roger Ssekamatte, a roadside rolex stand owner intimated to our reporter that he was forced to relocate to Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road, because the dust threatened the hygiene of his products. “My customers were not trusting my products any more, so I had to move to a much cleaner place,” he explained.  

The area Local Council One chairman, Wilson Kalanda, said complaints concerning that road constantly flooded his desk. “I received complaints about this road all the time, but I could only pass them to the concerned authorities,” Kalanda said.

Hence works have finally commenced, to have the road upgraded to tarmack. The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is in charge of the construction project.


Photo picked from Campus Bee