Motorists, Pedestrians Concerned as Kitara-Bahai Road is Closed

Written by: 
Lydia Sanyu Nakazzi


Motorists and pedestrians who use Kitara- Bahai Road have raised concerns about the closure of the road which is due for renovation.

Kanyanya-Kitara is located along Gayaza road and many taxi drivers use the Kitara-Bahai road as a short route to connect to Gayaza and Kampala city centre.

Kasiita Muhammad, one of the drivers who use this road says that their work is slowed down since the route they were directed to use for the meantime has potholes.

"Our work is slowed down since we have to drive carefully on the rough road full of potholes," he says. In an interaction with some of the pedestrians who use Kitara-Gayaza road where the taxi drivers were redirected, they say that there is a lot of congestion on the road and movement is abit slow since the road is narrow.

"The road is too narrow for two cars to bypass each other and as for us the side walkers, we have to be patient for them to move and we  follow," Nambalirwa Aisha, a pedestrian narrates.

The area Local Council chairman, Ssebugwawo Ronald, says that the main cause for the closure of the road is that they want to construct pavements for the pedestrians and humps since there is overspeeding.

"We closed the road so as to put pavements, as you can see our road lacked pavements and humps to reduce speed," he narrates. He adds that the road won't be closed for a long period since it is used by very many people connecting to different areas.

Motorists who want to connect to Gayaza, Mpererwe, Komamboga and Kyanja are currently redirected to use other shorter routes or the main Gayaza road.

Kayongo Innocent, who directs the vehicles on which route to take says that it  won't take long for the road to be operating again.

"Drivers should be patient for a short period of time," he said.