What does Trump's presidency mean for Uganda?

Written by: 
Amutuhaire Tusiime

Yesterday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America. But what does this mean to Uganda, a country that has been depending on the U.S in several ways?

The uncertainty, however, surrounding the kind of relationship there will be between America and Uganda, has potential to lead to a sorry situation in Uganda.

While giving his inaugural speech after he was sworn-in, Trump emphasised the idea of "putting America first". A little selfishness isn't such a bad idea but when it becomes too much then it is threatening. A CNN analyst commented that however much patriotic Trump's speech was, it left a threat to the entire world because now the world isn't sure who the leader is, which could be catastrophic.

Trump's focus was that America is going to focus on itself and put itself first. For any other small nation, that would be absolutely the way to go, but for a world-leading nation that America is, it's not a viable option. The world has so many moving parts and as a leader the luxury of selfishness isn't even remotely a way to go.

In his speech, Trump rebuked the way America had made other countries rich and protected the borders of other countries at the expense of itself and how it was time to change that. The question however is: "Has America stopped being the top nation in the world because of its generosity?"

On the upside in his speech, Trump did manage to express a rather selfless point when he pointed out that the process of inauguration wasn't a transfer of power from one president to another but a transfer of power to people, which is what democracy is about.

However, the challenge that is yet to dawn is that as America under the presidency of Trump changes the arrow to focus to itself first and leave the crumbs, if any, for the rest of the world, how will countries that depend greatly on America such as Uganda, cope?