Zuena Writes Romantic Message to Bebe Cool

Written by: 
Patience Akampa

Gagamel CEO, Bebe Cool and wife, Zuena Kimera seem to have a big vacuum of romance to fill since Bebe Cool left her for a vacation in the United States.

Zuena has been forced to pen a heartwarming romantic message to Bebe Cool as a signal of the bad times she is living, experiencing cold nights due to her husband's absence.

Through her social media platforms, Zuena has shared a throwback moment of her husband doing his musical hustle, depicting the hard times they had faced as a couple despite sticking with each other.

Zuena tells Bebe Cool not to lose hope because of the haters. "I wouldn't trade you for anything in this world my love. Your life story is the true meaning of ‘from Grass to Grace’. I have seen you work so hard to be a person you are today and today I am here to applaud you and let you know that I am super proud of you," wrote Zuena.

The post has generated mixed reactions from fans and followers.

"Do u know the meaning of grass to grace or to something? Zuena your not real, my dear," commented Kevin Kann. Blessed Joan, a follower of Zuena on instagram commented on her post, "But he is even blessed because he can get some envelopes from the state house so his sweat is just 30% of his success, so you as a wife my advice to you is to tell him, know that he has to work like there is no tomorrow because the 70% of his income is soon going. I mean the government otherwise my dear friend you may die renting."

"Now that is a wife. You are awesome Zuena," commented debbiemukay2, another Zuena.

Bebe Cool is still on vacation in the US and he is expected to return by Boxing Day for his first stage performance at Kiwatule.

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