Reactions as B2C, Manager Part Ways

Written by: 
Alex Mugalu


Ugandan music group B2C has finally announced they will part ways with manager Andrew Mugerwa, also known as Andy Events.

In a twist of events since their successful concert held at Freedom City along Entebbe Road few months ago, the trio has been having a bad relationship with their manager.

The cause of the fallout is believed to rotate around payments as the artistes claim they were underpaid despite the hard work they put in to execute a series of concerts which pulled huge crowds and money. The spark off was after a successful VIP show held at Auto SIPA in Munyonyo which was filled to capacity, but the boys were given only five million shillings to share amongst themselves.

Mugerwa has, however, refuted the rumors saying his group was very intact and closely working together. “I think misunderstandings are healthy and we shall solve them, I still work with the boys,”  Mugerwa said.

But the Gutamiza hit makers seem to disagree. After meetings they had with their manager yielded nothing, the trio on November 14 decided to end their working relationship with him.

In a public statement released by the group, they claim that Mugerwa has got a busy schedule yet they need his maximum concentration. “We are sorry to inform you that Mr. Mugerwa Andrew (Andy Envents)  has got other pressing commitments which cannot enable him to continue as our manager. The entertainment industry is very demanding; you have to put in 100% of your time in order to succeed,” reads the statement in part.

The Tokigeza singers also went on and thanked Andy for the generous support he has put over the years. “We would like to thank Mr. Mugerwa Andrew who has been not only a manager but a guardian, big brother and a parent in several incidences. We would not be where we are if it was not for him,” the group said.

Mugerwa had managed B2C for three years in which they managed to produce over 15 videos including a mega hit of Gutamiza with the late Mowzy Radio, Tokigeza and Njabaala with Spice Diana, Songea, Wannyonona, Kapande featuring Eddy Kenzo, Nyongera and No You No Life featuring De Ben from Rwanda to mention but a few. The trio also scooped a couple of awards like Hipipo Awards and also enjoyed international recognition through having airplays outside Uganda.

This has left mixed feelings amongst different Ugandan music fans. Kourouma Billo, a second year journalism student at Makerere University, sees this as a bad move made by the boys “I think B2C still need Andy, the Ugandan Entertainment industry needs a lot of inputs and huge sums of money, which Andy used to cater for,” Kourouma said.

Nakyomu Rashidah, a social science student at Makerere University and a fan of B2C supports the move.  “The boys need to earn from their efforts, if Andy was not giving them enough payment let them try someone else,” she stated.

Douglas Lwanga, a TV presenter believes that the boys will make it despite the separation. “Those boys are very hardworking and have been putting much in promotion and everything. Andy was just putting in money and his work was done, so it’s very easy to stay on top if they get a better manager,” Lwanga said.

Tukundane Levy, a second year journalism student thinks that B2C will survive “If they maintain their form they will still be relevant in the music industry, because they have good vocals and ability to write their own songs,” he noted.


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