Kanyanya Residents Decry Incomplete Born-Again Churches

Written by: 
Nakkazi Lydia Sanyu

Residents of Kanyanya-Kitara along Gayaza Road in Kawempe Division are concerned about the increasing incomplete born-again churches in the area. The churches emit a lot of noise, and residents are also worried that they could turn out a hub for criminals.

Neriima Edith, a resident says the church makes a lot of noise, yet there is no major congregation in it.

"Few people come early morning to pray but make a lot of noise which makes us get out of our houses and wonder what is going on. To our surprise, they are always less than ten people praying out loud," she narrates.

"My kids are always affected with the Monday to Monday prayers conducted in this church. We fail to sleep during the days they conduct overnight prayers," Nassiwa Jovia complains.

On a visit to one of the churches called Christian Revival, the side wall of the church are incomplete.

Despite attempts by the Local Council and the Kampala City Council Authority to stop such buildings in the area, many churches keep mushrooming in the area, without regard for other residents.

The complaints have now intensified with the increasing theft cases, with residents suspecting the thieves hide in these incomplete church buildings to plan their activities.

Namogga Christine, a resident says thieves have been attempting to steal her property and form her tenants.

"By the end of last month, thieves had attacked my home two times but have failed to pick anything," she explains.

LC 1 chairman, Mr Ronald Ssebugwawo says that they are working with KCCA to stop such buildings in the area, but requested residents to alert authorities in case someone is putting up such churches.

Pastor Tumusime Jonathan, of Christian Revival Church says they don't have other intentions apart from praying. He also says they are working hard to finish their church.

"I have plans of completing my church and I don't feel contented seeing it in such a state," he told journalism@mak.