Don't Force Kenzo to Marry You, Ashraf Advises Rema

Written by: 
Sydona Nazze


A Ugandan film actor and director, Hajji Ashraf Sswemwogerere has advised singer Rema Namakula to stop forcing fellow artiste, Eddy Kenzo to marry her. He also encouraged her not to expose her marriage status in public.

This after her new song called Siri Muyembe whose message portrays her worries in her relationship with Edrisa Musuuza aka Kenzo. In this song, she compared herself with a mango fruit saying that other men may take her if he (Kenzo) doesn’t protect what he has.

Ssemwogerere has since posted a piece of advice on his Facebook account addressing Rema.

"Don't force Kenzo to marry you. He will do it to please you and divorce to leave you in tears. There must be some pressure from his manager not to marry. From wat I see, read and hear, Kenzo loves you so much,” reads the post in part.

Ssemwogerere advised that if she wants to be successful as an artiste, Rema has to be calm, focused on making money, work hard and be good to people.

"And in 'Show Bees', where you belong, if you want to be successful, you have to be young, appreciated and admirable. Have a nice home never mind if rented, with single married status,” Ssemwogerere adds.

Ssemwogerere also encouraged Rema never to announce her marital status in public saying that  "Once you do it, the law of diminishing returns will apply on you," the veteran actor noted.

"In showbiz when you announce your marital status to be positive you lose all those who admire you to either marry them or be their friends," the post adds.

"As a Moslem, I think you know what to do. I don't want to see you losing Kenzo for showbiz. Hold it otherwise you may regret. And the power of Allah should be your capital," he concludes.

Rema has not yet replied Ssemwogerere's message but recently she posted on Instagram that the song wasn't meant for Kenzo, but rather her fans.

"The song Siri Muyembe is not intended for Kenzo. It was written by Kayemba and he gave it to me, so it was dedicated to people who are taken for granted by their partners, those are my fans out there who are in this situation with their lovers," she said.

In an interview on NTV Uganda, Kenzo warned the public about interfering in his marriage status with Rema, saying that it is his choice to decide who and when to marry.