Safe Bangle to Curb Physical and Sexual Violence in Uganda

Written by: 
Mary Gold Adong

Makerere Incubation Hub (MIH) is laboring working on a safety technology innovation called the safe bangle, that is expected to curb sexual and physical violence after its accomplishment. The innovation has advancements like GPS, a micro camera, and micro audio recorder aimed at providing the location of a victim and evidence in court after stigmatization.

According to the team leader of the project, Ambrose Kamya, a small device which houses the brains of the unit is hidden behind the accessory (necklaces, bracelets earrings, watches) and on buying the device, the user will save six important contacts on the head of the device. The accessory will have a button at its side that the user will press while in danger and a message calling for help will automatically go to all the six saved contacts on the device. After a single press, the device will send to the six contacts the location of the device user showing the videos and audios of whatever is happening to the endangered device user.

The device has been tested and all its functions are in good format and very soon hitting the market, according to the makers.

The device is however customized to only English and Luganda but the team is working tooth and nail to ensure that the device is centralized to the language of the buyer’s choice for easier communication and use.

According to a team member of the project, Saul Kabali, this technology was inspired by the rampant killings and abductions that had in the past one year become rampant in Uganda. This provoked his team leader Kamya to mobilize them and in the processes developed ideas of developing the safe bangle.

Engineer Ronald Kayiwa, the project supervisor argues that developed countries in Europe have embarked on manufacturing safety accessories that disguise as watches and other jewelry to protect their children and has also simplified the work of security agencies in those countries. He said that Uganda is not different from these countries and that’s why his team is working tirelessly to catch up with the technology.

According to the project team, GPS watches and other wearable GPS technology will help keep track of beloved ones without having to worry about insecurities.

The safe bangle is expected to improve safety in the country and give peace of mind to people walking alone, protect women against rape and violence and anyone who wants to protect themselves and the people they love.

Apparently, the innovation team is working tirelessly in an effort to reduce the size of the six month-old device that is expected to be on market by the end of 2019.