Christians Urged Against Greed, Theft

Written by: 
Twikirize Budesi

Christians have been called upon to desist from habits of greed and theft that keep most of them in captivity of sin. Pastor Titus Oundo, one of the overseers of Deliverance Church Uganda made the call while preaching at Deliverance Church, Makerere hill.

According to Pastor Oundo, there are small practices that Christians involve themselves in and think do not affect their relationship with God. He gave an example of people who go to parties and serve themselves more than they can eat.

He said such habits are dangerous to Christians and more so leaders who misinterpret scriptures that those who have shall be given more.

"It is because of greed that some leaders have become insensitive to the poor people and you find them grabbing property of the less advantaged," summoned pastor Oundo.

According to him, if greed and self-centeredness stop, Uganda will become a better place to live for everyone.

Evangelist Patrick Wanders, the service moderator encouraged the Church to pray for 2021 elections that no greedy leaders will be voted for.

"We pray that only those guided by the power of God come to rule over His people. May we come to see better leaders rule over this land God......," prayed evangelist Wanders.

Such teachings are becoming common in different places of worship considering incidences of corruption, embezzlement, murder, among other ills taking place in Uganda.

Deliverance Church has many branches in Uganda including Nsambya, Nakasero and now Makerere hill.