Makerere security checks: Reliable or rubbish?

 Police check point at Makerere University Main Gate
Written by: 
Benard Okot

Makerere University Community remains concerned about the possibility of any attack to this prestigious University and because of that; there are security checks at all major entrance to the university.

According to the Deputy Chief Security Officer, Makerere University, Sam Iraat, In a meeting held on Thursday, 30th October 2014, It was resolved that the security operatives work together with all stakeholders including custodians to improve the security on this campus.

There were also assurance that on the questions of ineffiencies, inconsistencies among the security operatives to be checked and improved.

It is a step in the right direction to introduce the check points in most critical entrance; Main Gate, Eastern Gate, Western Gate and other important places like the Main Building and Main Library and other Colleges.

I also appreciate the fact that there are additional security checks, including baggage searches, on the approach to Main Gate of Makerere University; there, one can rely on.

The question is whether they are unswerving; or actually the authorities concerned are doing enough to ensure safety of Makerere University Community in its entirety.

The flipe side: why are there rampant cases of theft especially in halls of residence and ways to hostels?

Important places like halls of residents are taken for granted, i have witness any security checks in most of the halls i have been to.

There are also so many way-inns  without gates to this university, they have always been left porous, so who is responsible?

Police have issued a number of alerts warning of a heightened risk of terrorism in this country but is seems we only live by Headlines such that when there are no recent cases, no one is bothered. Being forewarned means getting forearmed, so why would the authorities wait for threats to be issued for them to intensify their efforts?

The president recently came to the University to close the Security Awareness Week and I  expected a lot more than just adding the number of police, but also ensuring that there is consistent, reliable measure for the well being of all.

Tellingly, averting the security threats in Makerere calls for involvement of the different stakeholders and adoption of a multiplicity of approaches including routine surveillance, besides merely increasing the number of police officers.