Select a credible EC – Former Guild Elections boss advises GRCs

A guild presidential aspirant in the previous guild election
Written by: 
Muzafaluh Kabuulwa

The current students’ guild government will be evaluated by how credible the next elections will be. This is according to the former guild electoral commission chairman, William Kananga. Kananga warned the current GRC (Guild Representative Council) that the success or failures of the next students’ election will be on the current guild leadership, through the kind of election body they choose.

“If the electoral commission organizes sham elections, the blame will be put on the 87th guild," Kananga said.

He was speaking in a zoom panel discussion Makbench in which student’s issues are deliberated. The panel discussed the achievements and failures of the 87th guild and possible ways through which a formidable electoral commission can be put in place.

Kananga commended the GRC for the good work so far done and cautioned them to wisely put in place a new electoral commission which is to organize the already heated-up 88th students guild elections at Makerere University.

Section 1 of the Guild Constitution stipulates that the GRCs will elect the Electoral Commission in the first 14 weeks of the semester. Aspirants for the EC positions are already canvassing support from the GRC.

Kato Laban, the 86th guild security minister also advised the GRC to desist from voting out of financial influence, as it may compromise the whole process.

The new electoral commission being put in place will conduct the guild elections in the first 50 days of the semester, as per Section 8 of the guild constitution.