Christian Mothers Pray for Uganda

Written by: 
Twikirize Budesi

Mothers at Deliverance Church, Makerere prayed for the end of violence and disaster in Uganda.

Christian Mothers at Deliverance Church, Makerere have held special prayers for a better Uganda. Lillian Musoke, leader of the Christian Mothers’ ministry at this church led the prayers in interceding for a new and revived nation.

They also included the people of Bududa who were recently affected by mudslides that claimed several lives. The Christian mothers prayed that the Lord may comfort the grieved families and give them hope for a new life.

Pastor Charles Obwana who leads this church encouraged mothers to continuously intercede on behalf of the country because they are the nurturers of life on earth.

"Can a mother forget her own child?” asked pastor Obwana during the prayers.

The prayers were based on a holy scripture from the book of Ezekiel where the dry bones came to life. The women proclaimed life unto Uganda and they also prayed for the leaders of this country to receive God's wisdom as they rule His people.

Deliverance Church, Makerere is found behind Ham Towers near Bativa Hotel on Makerere hill.

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