Police Should Stop Brutalising Makerere Students

Written by: 
Davidson Ndyabahika

Gallant comrades, it is regrettable that some of our colleagues have been arrested as students tried to hold a peaceful demonstration.

We regret that fellow students have been brutalized by police amidst live bullets and heavy teargas.

Very early in the morning, police held the guild president in University Hall where he resides, however he could not withstand receiving information that very many students are being arrested and beaten up by police.
He managed to get out of the hall and has been arrested by police and taken to unknown place.

Meanwhile, among other people arrested, the Chairman Mitchell Hall has also been arrested by police, Hon. Jacinto Okello a GRC of School of Liberals has been arrested too.

We urge students to take positions as we cannot allow such unscrupulous and dishonest policies rein in Makerere University. We must stand firm in such a situation and fight together such merciless tendencies of the state.

We have received information that the state thinks that this strike is politically motivated by Mbabazi but we want to clear such misguided rumors. We are for students and the issues referred in here do not affect Mbabazi or any other politician but affects the students and our parents.

As of now, we cannot establish the number of students who have been arrested but we shall keep you updated on what is happening.
As we talk now, police has ferried in trucks full of Crime Preventers in layer to back up the police and do intelligence.
We build for the future.

Hon. Davidson Ndyabahika is the Guild Information Minister