Makerere Strike: Government Denying Poor Students Education

Written by: 
Doreen Nyanjura

I commend the Gallant Makerereans not to give up, not to tire and not to be deterred. The 100%tuition policy is meant to torture and deny education to the poor students. If students couldn't afford the 60% tuition policy, what makes council think the students can afford the 100% tuition policy.

In 2011-2012, we fought the 60% policy, yes bullets were fired, students were arrested, majority were arrested and teargassed but we were not deterred because we know and fully understand that Education is not only for the rich.

The policy is a torture to students, it deprives students the right to education, under article '30' of the constitution, "All persons have a right to education".

The brutal arrests of innocent students by military Police in Lumumba, UH, Northcorte (Nsibirwa and Nkurumah) and Mitchell hall is something that all Ugandans, parents, and other stake holders should condemn.

Instead of suffocating private students with the 100% policy, Council should ensure state house and government pay tuition for the students it sponsors at the beginning of the Semester this will allow the university to have money to run it's activities.

Arise gallant Makerereans, arise and fight for your right to Education. Let Makerere be Makerere Again.

Nyanjura Doreen (Former Guild Vice president 2011-2012) and Aspiring LC5 Woman Councillor.