Learners at Olympia Decry Noise from Swimming Pool

Written by: 
Ingabire Justine jingabire981@gmail.com

Students living in and around Olympia Hostel in Makerere-Kikoni are concerned about the noise from the hostel’s swimming pool. The students say they are not able to concentrate and study because users of the swimming pool make a lot of noise that distracts them.

On Tuesday, just like all other days of the week at around mid-day, the Olympia hostel swimming pool got crowded with idlers, lovers of water and swimmers. The excitement and enjoyment are accompanied with very loud music and noise from this crowd, which has become a hindrance to students residing in the hostel and nearby places.

Running out of patience, one of the residents who was using the reading room at started complaining and wanted answers from the custodian. Nakalema Aisha, a student in her final year said, “This is too much; something has to be done because I believe I am not the only affected resident.”

The swimming pool is open to the public and residents as well, who pay Shs 5,000 and Shs 2,000 respectively. Most frequent users are members of the public who say its location is favorable and most importantly because it is affordable.

Besides that, the other services like the gym, salon and restaurant within the hostel can be accessed. One swimmer, a resident living around Kikoni, Mutebi Jackson said it is interesting to get all these services from the same place.

The custodian of the Hostel, only identified as Ruben apologized but promised to address the issue.

Olympia hostel is among the best hostels in Kikoni, with some of the best facilities.