Bryan White Applauded for Efforts to Retrieve Bodies

Written by: 
Kourouma Billo

The self-proclaimed Kampala city tycoon Kirumira Brian alias Bryan White has been praised by a section of Ugandans for his efforts following the Lake Victoria tragedy, when MV Templar capsized.

Bryan White was among the many that volunteered to retrieve the dead bodies that were still in the water, so that their families give them decent burials. He paid the local fishermen at Mutima beach where the incident happened to remove the bodies which were believed to be under the boat which had capsized.

Lule Steven, a vendor in downtown Kampala says Bryan White is always there to serve the people. “I thank Bryan White for his good heart and whenever there is a problem, at least he gets involved, but Ugandans are always negative about everything and link everything to political intentions. I do not think he is one of that kind,” he said.

Ndora Herbert, a student at Makerere University says Brian White cares a lot about his country because he is always doing things to help everyone. “He has showed concern because people with higher positions have not appeared and yet Bryan White has physically been involved in the exercise of getting out the boat,” says Ndora.

Tukundane Levi, a second year Bachelor of Journalism and Communication student told journalism@mak that in times of grief, it is important to put aside our differences. “This has nothing to do with the status one holds in society. We are all human beings and anything can happen to you and you will need help from other people,” added Tukundane.

However, Bryan White said he will continue to do his best in both good and bad times regardless of what people say. “Someone may see you here and say you are seeking for popularity but we are all Ugandans,” he responded to critics.

“You will continue seeing me in many events except where there are guns but in situations where there is a problem, you will always see me,” he added.

Bryan White came to limelight with his extravagant spending and heavy financial donations to communities in different parts of the country. He remains a controversial figure since the source if his wealth is unclear.