Wrong Underwear Could Ruin You

Written by: 
Sheillar Mutetsi

Putting on a wrong type of knickers could have long-term health complications.

Dr. Ruth Nakiyimba from Masanafu Health Centre in Kampala says a wrong type of knickers is dangerous to the women that wear them because they lead to pelvic inflammatory infections.

She adds that when a woman puts on nylon knickers and she sweats the knicker expands because of the heat and this heat rises up into her private parts and usually this air is contaminated putting her life at risk.

A lady in Kikuubo who preferred anonymity says that she does not have enough money to buy the other knickers and claims that they were meant for rich people.

She confessed to having nylon knickers though at times on hot and busy days she gets itches. She says, because of this, she carries extra knickers daily.

Adellah Tumuhirwe, a shop attendant in downtown Kampala, who deals in ladies’ underwear, says there are several types of knickers and these vary in prices as well. She says there is nylon, silk and cotton among others that she sells.

Tumuhirwe added that ladies tend to prefer nylon for it is cheaper; usually at 4000 shillings compared to cotton that goes for 10,000 shillings and above depending on the type of cotton.

Since the cotton does not earn quick market, she prefers to stock nylon and other types that quickly earn her money.

Dr Nakiyimba says poor types of panties usually cause itching in the private parts and this is because of the air that is brought due the expansion of the knicker. When this air rises up, it leads to pelvic inflammatory infections.

When the infections are continuous, they lead to prolonged complications like cancer since the bad air goes directly into the body of the woman and can cause cervical cancer if not given attention.

She advises that women should buy cotton knickers because they are made in a way that allows air through them and the rate of sweating is minimised. They are comfortable and do not produce a bad odour unless one is sick.