Catholic Students Donate for Girls Home

Written by: 
Josephine Kabahuma

Douglas Villa Hostel community has partnered with St. Theresa Catholic Community to organize a charity outreach to Missionaries of the Poor Girls’ Home in Kisenyi. The charity visit will be conducted under the theme: I am the cause of their rare smiles.

The charity will include offering financial support, scholastic materials, food, pads, toilet paper, clothes, soap and other things that are of use to the poor girls at the home.

Mary Francis Athieno, one of the organizers said, "I am happy that so many students have contributed and others are still promising. We shall be going to Missionaries of the Poor girls’ home in Mengo, Kisenyi on 10th November 2018 to take these contributions."

Angella Naggai, the director of Douglas Villa Hostel said, "charity is all about sacrificing the little we have and giving it with love.

“These girls too deserve to be loved and we can only show them our love by giving them something that will help them live happily like others," Naggai added.

Apart from the two communities, some residents of Makerere-Kikoni who are near Douglas Villa hostel, students from Makerere Institute for Social Development, students from Nakiyingi and JJ hostels have also contributed to the cause.

Kenneth Semwogerere, an organizer from Douglas Villa hostel was impressed with the participation. "I am pleased with the number of participants we are getting this year. I think people have realized the benefits of giving.”

Brian Muhumuza, a student from Makerere Institute for Social Development said, " when you do acts of charity, the needy keep praying for you to have a long life and get more from where you got. That is why I always donate whatever I have to the poor and others in need."

St. Theresa Catholic community is found in Makerere-Kikoni. It consists of all people and students from in and around Kikoni for example students from Olympia hostel, Dreamland hostel, Khan hostel, among others who meet and fellowship together every Wednesday.