Aganaga Advises Rema in New Song

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Alinda Joy Bridget

Kalifah Aganaga has advised fellow artist, Rema Namakula in his new song, Sister to focus on being a good wife instead of bringing out marital issues in public.

Aganaga's latest song is advice to Rema in response to her own Sili Muyembe that has trended all over the country.

Aganaga says his song is intended to advise Rema that bedroom matters should only be solved between her and her fiancé rather than being publicized. He advises Rema in his first verse that she should be patient since many women lack husbands even when they stink wealth.

In the song's chorus, "before you go...sister, oyige bwebakwata omusaja," Aganaga advises Rema to learn how a man should be handled before she makes up her mind to go. He gives Rema examples of Daniela (Chameleon's wife), Zuena (Bebe Cool's) wife, and Barbie (Bobi Wine's wife), who he says do not publicize their marriage issues and asks her to borrow a leaf from them.

Aganaga, however, also says the song is meant for Rema but all females should pick a message from it.

In her song, Rema juxtaposes herself with a mango fruit where she says she is not a mango fruit that should be waited for to ripen. She further says in the first verse of the song that there are many men that admire her and give her phone numbers even when she has not asked for them. She also asks to be proved to that she is loved or else, she will be taken up by other men if 'he' continues to dose.

The song in its second stanza further talks of loving someone who does not love you back and vis-a-vis, "'oyagala aba agayaala...nga gw'otayagala y'akukabila...," literally translated as "the person you love becomes lazy and relaxes and yet the other that you don't love is yearning for you."

Rema further allegedly asks 'him' not to regret once she is taken.

Although a bigger percentage of those that have listened to the song claim Rema sang it for her 'baby-daddy', Edrisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo, the singer denied them. Rema admitted that they have issues with Kenzo but the song was not meant for him. "I sang that song for people who are being taken for granted by their is not that every situation we artistes sing about is what we are going through," Rema said in an interview with Spark TV.

Babirye Christine, one of Rema's fans sides with Aganaga and does not support her publicizing marriage issues. "Yes, I am a staunch Rema fan but the issue of her telling us her problems with Kenzo indirectly, no," says Babirye.

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