Sex tapes blinded my eclipse moments

Solar Eclipse in uganda
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I’m still amazed and well, maybe overwhelmed by the excitement that has bombarded social media lately, as a result of the sex tapes by university students. By the way, am not sure yet whether these videos were posted on purpose by the people involved or if it was just a leak. Well, we are yet to find out. One thing you need to know is that we are all geniuses, or maybe I could call connoisseurs as regards survival for the fittest.

You know, campus can be stressing. Sometimes, you are really pushed to the wall and have no way out of poverty. This could have been a fundraising strategy by the students to get some money for survival, that is if they did the tape just for dimes anyway; that, I highly doubt. They could be in the cliché of the young, wild and free wannabes. By the way, you only live once.

But is this what we really want for our future African generation, because it feels like a group of young energetic and patriotic young men are working tooth and nail by day to keep uploading copies of their sex moments. I guess it’s becoming trendy to share every moment of your life on the internet. Is this what it means to grow up in the dot com era? For my grandmother, who is BBC, I mean Born Before Computers, this could be a menace.

Having had a glimpse at some of the clips of the sex episodes by these students, it was just a boring imagination that a girl parks her little handbag and moves to her boyfriend’s place, in the hope of being captured. I think sex is becoming an ordinary thing, just like drinking milk with a cake.

We live in a world where strange happenings are as common as rolex in Kikoni, but this was too strange that it made most of us forget that the eclipse ever happened in Uganda.