POLITICS: How to lay a firm foundation; growing in it

Written by: 
Eric Kyama

“Human life and politics are inseparable,’’ said Dr. Simba a political science lecturer. An objection to the above quote would be regarded unrealistic given the fact that it (politics) has been part of man for centuries. The way the politics of a nation, family or any social grouping is handled determines our way of life. It is for the above reason that this article is to guide you on how to lay a firm foundation in the political world to the advantage of those being led.

I decided to consider those being led because it is them who eventually build your career as a politician. Many of you will agree with me that all those who have a chance to step into political office have portrayed a spectacular character that is quite persuasive thus buying your vote pricelessly.
The persuasive political character you are to develop hugely depends on the political culture of a particular social grouping. My discussion with Hassan Kafuko—the guild cultural minister at Makerere gave me a clue. Hassan voiced out what he thought about the guild president of Makerere, Ivan Bwowe. He looks at Ivan as a determined, hardworking and most importantly not a coward—something he portrayed during the protests against the 60 percent tuition policy.

For one to achieve something—political or not, a number of factors have to be combined with the major factor(s). In this case, much as understanding the political culture of a particular social grouping is vital, relying only on that may not bear fruits for you. Therefore, it is at this point that I introduce to you something that will show you the green light; active participation in political groups.

All over uganda, a number of political groups (political parties) have set up branches in Ugandan universities. Your choice to join any of them may depend on the understanding of their ideology, but at times one has to be tactical as some of them lack massive support among students that is to say the NRM party. Therefore, however good you may be, the party you are participating in may destroy you. So choose wisely after all as an independent you can still present your own ideology and have it all.

With the exception of political parties, social groups like Nkoba Za Mbogo, Abasoga Nseete among others can also do the magic. According to Hassan Kafuko, reliance on any of them pulls crowds for you. He scratches his head before he narrates how he managed to beat off his competitors through his social group—Abasoga Nseete—given the fact that he was an independent.

“Money cuts across all aspects of life.” A friend of mine once said, “ I know this is something many consider vital, but to my understanding of politics, it is not as important as the already mentioned factors. This is because once you implement the already mentioned factors, money can come in from all angles.

Laying a firm foundation can eventually enable you grow into the activity, how to maintain your electorate and widen it. This is something not as easy as one may think, but with determination and confidence accompanied by the right strategy, your political career is boosted.