Mak elects new EC

Written by: 
Moses Kyeyune

Legislators in the Makerere University Guild Representative Council (GRC) on Friday voted a new five-member committee to organize the forth coming Guild elections that will see the replacement of the Adeke led regime.

The elected are Mr. Michael Byemero (pictured) of Nkrumah Hall, Margeret Najjuka (Mary Stuart), Akampurira Haris Justus(Nsibirwa), Yosia Mugume (Livingstone) and Michael Opoya l(Nsibirwa) to the positions of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, General Secretary, Finance Secretary and Public Relations Officer respectively.

This comes at a time after the Guild cabinet 2013/2014 term came to an end, paving way for the Care taker government led by the Speaker and his team.

The election that attracted a pool of candidates for the respective positions is said to have been free and fair.
“The entire exercise has been fair, at least democracy was manifested and no one is complaining,” said Arthur Kayanja, the Guild Speaker who also presided over the polls.

Mr.Byemero, who is Chairman for Nkrumah Hall beat four others to become chairman. These included; Andrew Junior Taliwaku, the Mitchel Hall Chairperson, Emmanuel Talemwa (Lumumba Chairman) and Ibrahim Mpuga, the President of School of Education.

Akampurira tussled it with four counter parts, while Mugume had to wrestle down three big rivals to take the position.

Guild elections for 2014/2015 GRC and President are due in March this year.